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Meet Our Endorsers

Hilary Franz, Commissioner of Public Lands

"Jessyn is a dynamic and fearless leader. She’s about action, not talk. She knows how to bring people together, build a plan, and get things done. Our city faces great challenges. But that also means there are great opportunities ahead. Jessyn is uniquely ready to seize this moment and deliver bold, transformative change. I have known Jessyn for a long time and know-how deeply she cares about the people of our great city. She will work tirelessly to bring us together and build a Seattle that lifts up all of us and leaves no one behind. We need Jessyn to be our next Mayor."

Dominique Davis, CEO of Community Passageways

"Our community will need the next Mayor to be ready to take the support of community based organizations to the next level! We believe that more resources and investments will enhance the work we do to address violence and give every youth, young adult, and Family in Seattle the opportunities that they deserve to thrive. Jessyn Farrell will be that mayor. Jessyn understands that community organizations have developed programs to reduce violence and increase opportunity for the people we serve, and with her in the mayor's office I'm confident organizations like mine will have a true ally in City Hall."
Rep. Dave Hackney of the 11th Legislative District

Rep. David Hackney of the 11th Legislative District

"I've been impressed with Jessyn's intelligence, authenticity, and commitment to her values since meeting her at the United Nations International Tribunal working on war crimes nearly 20 years ago. Jessyn is the very best candidate to lead our city out of the crises we face, and I know she'll be a strong ally for my constituents in City Hall. On everything from equitable economic recovery programs to environmental justice, Jessyn's expertise on the issues has been invaluable to me since the day I ran for office and that deep understanding of how to rebuild our community is what we need in the mayor's office."

Kristine Reeves, former state legislator and candidate for Congress

"Jessyn was my house floormate in the state legislature, where we partnered to make landmark progress on policy upon policy to support working parents: passing equal pay, making childcare more affordable, expanding paid family and medical leave, and so much more. When I entered the House I was the first African-American woman to serve there in nearly 20 years, and throughout every challenge I overcame working in an institution not built for people like me, I knew I could always count on Jessyn to have my back and lend her voice to mine in calling out structural and interpersonal discrimination. Her fierce advocacy to make every workplace -- including the state legislature -- an inclusive space for everyone is what sets her apart. The uncompromising values and authentic ability to deliver real change I saw from her day after day in Olympia are what make her the Mayor that Seattle needs in this moment."

Andrea Caupain, CEO of Byrd Barr Place

"Jessyn has a deep understanding of the systemic inequities that have caused so many of the people I work with at Byrd Barr Place to be left out of our city's prosperity -- even before the pandemic. Leading an equitable economic recovery that doesn't leave so many behind  will take the kind of vision I've seen from Jessyn. Under her leadership Seattle will become a place we can all be proud to call home."

Dan Strauss, Seattle City Councilmember

"Jessyn has the boldness to fight for solutions that actually meet the scale of our city's problems and the tenacity to ensure our city government delivers high-quality basic services many depend on. Jessyn's leadership to create the WA Recovery Fund so that small business owners, particularly those without prior banking relationships, didn't slip through the cracks of our state's pandemic aid demonstrates her ability to deliver when it matters most. The challenges we face as a city require a mayor like Jessyn.”

Eric Liu, Civic Leader

"Seattle needs a mayor today who can both govern and lead. Jessyn Farrell has the policy chops and practical experience to govern well. And she has the vision and collaborative spirit to lead all of us to do more for our city.”

Rep. Cindy Ryu of the 32nd Legislative District

"While serving together in the legislature, I worked with Jessyn as she led the charge to secure massive investments in transportation and transit for everyday Washingtonians. As I've watched how hard my adult children had to work to find affordable housing in Seattle, it's become clear that the city's challenges have only gotten worse in the last few years. To solve big problems like the housing affordability crisis, Seattle needs a mayor with Jessyn's tenacity and experience getting things done."

Sen. June Robinson of the 38th Legislative District

"While serving in the Legislature with Jessyn, I was impressed with her can-do attitude and ability to accomplish big things. Jessyn works smartly and tirelessly to accomplish results that make a difference for people. She is able to cross political boundaries to bring people together to solve problems. We need a leader like Jessyn in the region who understands real people's needs and knows how to deliver results.”

Sen. Derek Stanford of the 1st Legislative District

"Serving with Jessyn in the state legislature, I've seen her build the broad coalitions we need to solve big problems. She was essential in getting billions for expanding public transportation through divided government in Olympia, and that's the kind of leadership our whole region needs in Seattle's next mayor."

Strom Peterson, State Representative from the 21st Legislative District

"I've seen Jessyn's dynamic leadership bring people together to solve enormous challenges firsthand when we served together in Olympia, and our region desperately needs someone with her unique ability to get things done leading the city of Seattle. Her comprehensive approach to policy design and unwillingness to compromise her values while still delivering results made her an exemplary state legislator and will make her an even better mayor."

Gerry Pollett, State Representative from the 46th Legislative District

"Jessyn will be a Mayor for Seattle with vision and plans for how the City can help parents and Seattle's schools. Jessyn was a real champion for our schools, expanding early learning and childcare in the Legislature. Jessyn's commitment to equity and proven ability to get tough things done can unite our City."

Ryan Mello, Pierce County Councilmember

"Jessyn brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and track record of experience delivering results on complicated issues. So many of our most pressing challenges such as housing affordability, expanding transit access, and solving the homelessness crisis require regional cooperation and there is no one better prepared to lead that cooperation than Jessyn Farrell."

Peter Orser, retired real estate CEO

"Jessyn is a bridge builder – yes she did some heavy lifting to insure thoughtful investments in infrastructure while at the legislature -- but a community bridge builder as well, and that is a skill we need now more than ever."

Brady Walkinshaw, CEO of Grist and former State Legislator

"I served with Jessyn in Olympia and I've seen her bridge divides to make progress on tough issues. She has the vision and experience to chart the path for a more equitable, inclusive city that leads the way in tackling the climate crisis.”

Gene Duvernoy, Chair of Earth Day Northwest 2020

"Jessyn knows how to move projects, policy and people forward. She understands a sustainable Seattle is built on a foundation of economic justice, social justice AND environmental justice. She’s the right leader for this time and our city.”

Denis Hayes, CEO of the Bullitt Foundation* and a lead organizer of the first Earth Day

"Jessyn couples a deep understanding of the opportunities for urban climate leadership with a rare skill at mobilizing government, business, labor, advocacy groups, and community leaders to work together. Under Jessyn's leadership, I know Seattle will lead the nation in creating policies equal to the scale of the climate crisis we face. She understands that climate policy intersects with everything the City does, and her ability to deliver meaningful results on everything from transit to housing is needed now more than ever." *Provided for identification purposes only, the Bullitt Foundation does not engage in electoral politics as an organization.

Emily Ho, Program Manager of Sound Communities*

"Jessyn is a visionary leader who listens and gets things done, deftly drawing people in to learn and work together. I've seen this firsthand in her leadership in advocating for affordable housing and complete communities, especially for BIPOC communities and low-income families, around transit stations. The people of Seattle, particularly those who are most marginalized, must be heard and have their needs met in order for the city to become more equitable, sustainable, and vibrant. Jessyn will get us there.” *Provided for identification purposes only, Sound Communities does not engage in electoral politics as an organization.

Nigel Herbig, Deputy Mayor of Kenmore

"There's no one better qualified to build and lead a coalition on housing affordability, homelessness, and climate change than Jessyn Farrell. She's brought people together to solve enormous problems during her time in the state legislature, and that track record of inclusive collaboration is what our region needs in Seattle's next mayor. Her tireless advocacy and uncompromising commitment to delivering results for her constituents secured billions in public investments when she served in Olympia, and our entire region needs that same bold leadership in the Seattle Mayor's office."

Karen Daubert, former Executive Director of Washington Trails Association

"Jessyn is a proven leader who knows how to collaborate and get big things done for our community. She understands how to move forward on solving the homeless crisis and making our parks an open space safe and accessible for all Seattle’s citizens.”

Sheet Metal Workers Local 66

"Jessyn Farrell is the effective, decisive leader working families need in the Mayor's Office," said Lance Deyette, Business Manager for Sheet Metal Workers Local 66. "Under her leadership, we'll build a just and equitable Seattle that every worker can afford to call home."

Seattle Subway

"Long time transit advocate, former head of Transportation Choices Coalition, Farrell pushed for and won ST3 funding when she was in the State Legislature. Farrell has the most state legislative experience and would be a great advocate for Seattle’s transit future, she would be great at passing HB 1304 through the state legislature. She has the deep knowledge and experience required to help our city make serious progress and her vision also looks a bit like something we might have written: “For far too long, Seattle has played catch-up on transportation instead of leading the way. We need a transportation system that provides people with equitable, safe, reliable, affordable and climate-friendly travel choices.“ We couldn’t agree more. Vote Farrell."

Humane Voters of Washington


National Women's Political Caucus