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"As mayor, I will establish a new standard for successful cities. By making housing more affordable and establishing universal birth-to-5 childcare, Seattle will attract and keep the most talented workers, from chefs and tech to entrepreneurs, musicians, and artists. What’s good for workers is good for business and that will be Seattle’s competitive advantage post-COVID." - Jessyn
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Jessyn Farrell

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Seattle’s challenges are getting worse and current city leaders seem unable to deliver basic services, let alone tackle worsening crises like homelessness, housing costs, schools re-opening, and an equitable economic recovery from this pandemic. Many of our favorite neighborhood businesses, arts institutions, and music venues never received government assistance. Every day that passes more of our neighbors go hungry and are forced to live in tents. The economic hardship of this pandemic is uneven, and lays bare the systemic racism that continues to hold back our community.‍‍


The way forward begins by acknowledging that the way things were pre-pandemic left far too many behind. Seattle should lead the way in equitable economic recovery, affordable housing, and how to reimagine public safety to prioritize those social, economic and cultural supports that help people thrive like access to high quality, universal birth to five child care. When we come together with a common purpose we can make bold progress on these tough issues.

Rep. Dave Hackney of the 11th Legislative District

Rep. David Hackney

"I've been impressed with Jessyn's intelligence, authenticity, and commitment to her values since meeting her at the United Nations International Tribunal working on war crimes nearly 20 years ago. Jessyn is the very best candidate to lead our city out of the crises we face, and I know she'll be a strong ally for my constituents in City Hall. On everything from equitable economic recovery programs to environmental justice, Jessyn's expertise on the issues has been invaluable to me since the day I ran for office and that deep understanding of how to rebuild our community is what we need in the mayor's office." More Endorsements

As a single mother of three kids in public school, Jessyn knows first-hand how families, kids, and teachers are suffering right now. She was one of a handful of women to ever give birth while serving in the state legislature and was instrumental in reforming the institution to be more accommodating of working mothers. She challenged and changed assumptions about mothers serving in public office, and also changed laws to make it more possible. Jessyn fought to improve the lives of all working moms by increasing the minimum wage, passing paid family sick leave, making childcare more affordable, and protecting pregnant women from discrimination and abuse at work.


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