Why I'm Running

IMG_0312.jpgSince I was elected in 2012, I've proudly served in the Washington State legislature. I've championed access to reproductive health care, the rights of workers, living wages, mass transit, more equitable taxes, and environmental policies that will preserve and protect our natural resources. It's been an honor to serve in Olympia.

But Seattle is where I'm from and it continues to be my home. I want to focus on the city—its challenges as well as its opportunities. So this year, I'm running for Mayor.

Seattle is in a time of flux, and if we don't make smart, inclusive decisions and policy now, we risk losing everything we love about it. We need to create a plan for sustainable, equitable growth that makes room for everyone to live, work, play, grow, learn, and get around.

I don't make decisions unilaterally; I bring voices to the table and keep the channels of communication open. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, your concerns, and your hopes for this beautiful city, and I hope I have your vote.


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