What People Are Saying

"As our next Mayor, Jessyn will continue our press to build more affordable housing near our frequent transit stations. As a mom of kids in our public schools, we need her vision and collaborative nature as we work on next year’s pre-K, families, and education levies. And as a Sound Transit board member, she'll be able to build support throughout the region to ensure we're delivering light rail to Northgate, Ballard, and West Seattle as quickly as possible. I'm enthusiastic that she's running and proud to support her.”
Seattle City Councilmember Rob Johnson

“Seattle is our country’s most rapidly changing city, Jessyn Farrell is the candidate to bring a generational shift in city politics, so that we can have new ideas and innovative approaches at this historic moment in Seattle’s history. That’s what she did in Olympia and that’s what she will do at City Hall.”
Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib

"I have spent my career working on the front lines of homelessness and affordable housing and I can say there is no greater ally Seattle has in Olympia-- and no stronger voice we can elect Mayor-- than Jessyn Farrell.  To make real progress on these issues will take experience, perseverance, and partnerships with providers, the County, and State. Only Jessyn brings those relationships and passion to this race."
State Representative Nicole Macri (D-Seattle)

"Jessyn is hands down the leader with a track record in this race on minimum wage and economic fairness for working families. She passed the minimum wage legislation in the State House and led on paid family leave and issues affecting working women. This is personal for Jessyn, who cared for her baby on the floor of the State House."
State Representative Gerry Pollet (D-Seattle)

“As an immigrant, woman of color, and colleague of Jessyn's in the State House, I've seen her commitment to economic and racial justice. I know Jessyn will fight for Seattle to be a welcoming and equitable city for people who move here, for those from Syria to San Francisco, from computer scientists to custodians.”
State Representative Cindy Ryu (D-Seattle)

"Jessyn is the candidate who understands intersections between climate, cities, human health, and equity.  She is the candidate with the track record to deliver on a smart growth agenda for Seattle's future."
Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz

“Jessyn knows how to make government work-- with efficiency, transparency, and a commitment to delivering for the people she serves. She will bring not only a passion for public service to the office of Mayor, but a track record of getting good things done. She deserves our vote!"
State Auditor Pat McCarthy

"Seattle needs a pragmatic, inclusive leader with a track record of success on issues such as transportation, women's rights and affordable housing - issues that affect people every day. Jessyn is a great regional partner and will represent Seattle well."
Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland

"The brothers and sisters of Sheet Metal Workers Local 66 are proud to give our sole endorsement to Jessyn Farrell for Mayor. Jessyn is a long-time ally of working families who has fought to raise wages, expand worker protections, and support investments in new building and construction infrastructure across the region. In a mayoral race with 21 candidates, Jessyn stands alone as the contender with an unequaled history of a 100% lifetime voting record on Labor issues. She shares our values for the future of the city of Seattle and we proudly stand with her."
Timothy G Carter, Business Manager
Sheets Metal Workers Local 66


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