Being stuck in traffic is the worst. It harms our quality of life, our health, our economy, and our environment. A recent study showed the average Seattle commuter wasted 55 hours stuck in traffic in 2016, ranking us in the top ten nationally for worst gridlock. It wastes our time and money when we all have better things to be doing. Continue Reading >>>


Too many people in Seattle have experienced homelessness for far too long. Our region’s success economically has caused growing pains, displacing housing that was once affordable and accessible. Meanwhile, those facing challenges related to physical, mental, or behavioral health, domestic violence and other abuse, or challenges in obtaining basic needs continue to struggle. Continue Reading >>>

Protecting Our Environment

I am the environmental candidate in this race. As Vice Chair of the House Transportation Committee, I led on the legislative authorization of Sound Transit 3 with landmark requirements for affordable housing, secured $500 million for housing and education in Seattle, and passed bills that are making our roads and rail system safer. Continue Reading >>>

Justice for All

With the federal government abdicating its responsibility to protect our rights, it’s time for the our city’s leaders to stand up for all residents of Seattle. Continue Reading >>>

Working Families

At a time when our economy is booming and two-thirds of new jobs created in Washington are right here in Seattle, no one should be left behind. All families, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, orientation, or immigration status, deserve access to jobs that provide stability and a family wage. Continue Reading >>>

The Sonics

As most Gen Xers who grew up here can attest, there was a time when little else could rival the spectacle and the excitement of the Seattle SuperSonics in the late 1980s and 90s. It was the Payton-Kemp era, and I would wager to say that duo could hold their own against any other NBA matchup ever. Continue Reading >>>

Public Internet

In today’s economy, the internet has become a utility as necessary as electricity and water. It’s time we treated it that way. Fifteen percent of Seattle, mostly low-income residents, do not have access to home internet, and those who do are subject to monopoly pricing. Continue Reading >>>

Gun Responsibility

Gun violence is a public health emergency. With the federal government turning away from gun responsibility and too many bills meeting partisan roadblocks in Olympia, cities and counties can and must step up to do what is possible to reduce the impacts and frequency of gun violence. Continue Reading >>>

Affordable Housing

Seattle must be a place where everyone can afford rent, save up to buy a home, and retire on a fixed income. The recent report on record-setting median house prices is ominous news for Seattle and the rest of the region, which has seen an unprecedented level of growth for years now. Seattle is ranked first in the nation for growth, first in price increases for the past seven months, and all while experiencing historically low levels of available homes for sale. Continue Reading >>>

Child Care

As a working mom and public school parent, I know how important and expensive child care is. A city as innovative as Seattle should be leading the nation in solving the childcare and early-learning affordability challenges facing our families. As a Mayor who would know the struggle these parents face, I want to help Seattle’s parents easily find the highest quality, most appropriate, and most affordable options for their child.  Continue Reading >>>

Working with Local Tribes

Seattle is extraordinary in many ways, but one of its especially unique features is that it is located within tribal treaty territory. This means that tribes have a role in many of our programs and projects, and that we are partners in ways like no other City. Our water and power supply largely come from tribal treaty lands, and the region’s rich cultural heritage is reflected throughout the fabric of the City.  Continue Reading >>>

Supporting Our City's Students

Seattle schools deserve a partner in City Hall who has demanded and won necessary funding and who is an active public school parent committed to closing opportunity gaps and helping every kid reach their potential. Continue Reading >>>


All of the work that a mayor should do adds up to one thing: making Seattle a better place for everyone to live. That means providing the built and natural amenities that lead to equity, prosperity, education, recreation, and cultural life. Continue Reading >>>

ጀሲን ፋረል ለከንቲባነት - Amharic translation

ጀሲን ፋረል ለከንቲባነት (Note: iPhones may not support this page) Continue Reading >>>


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