Supporting Our City’s Students

Seattle schools deserve a partner in City Hall who has demanded and won necessary funding and who is an active public school parent committed to closing opportunity gaps and helping every kid reach their potential.

I’m a graduate of public schools and the mother of three young kids, including two Seattle Public School students. As an involved parent, I understand the importance of investing in public education.

With the Republican Senate stalling action on state funding for our schools and the federal government threatening cuts across the board, we need strong and proven leadership in Seattle to make sure we are prepared to give our children the education that they all deserve.

I support:

Addressing the serious racial and economic inequities in our system. This requires a closer working relationship between the City of Seattle and Seattle Public Schools. The Legislature’s solution to fund schools under the McCleary decision will not cover everything our school system needs. We should use the renewal of the Families and Education Levy to ensure that our schools are funded equitably. Every school should have the school nurses, mental health counselors, and other services that children need.

Fully funding school infrastructure. In order to keep pace with our growing school-age population, I plan to institute impact fees on developers to support public school infrastructure. This is the standard way that most jurisdictions fund new school buildings, and Seattle should join them.

Investing in summer programming. We know that students who don’t have access to high-quality activities over the summer lose ground academically. Part of closing the achievement gap is making sure that all children have access to academic and enrichment programs during those months away from school. This means providing them with transit as well as the programming. The City has a responsibility to take a robust role in making sure that children have those supports all summer long.


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